Done, da Done Done….

It’s been four years since my last re-check of the remnants of Norman, and I looked forward to this day the same as I look forward to every other re-scan.

(If you’ve just joined us, ten years ago I was diagnosed with an Acoustic Neuroma, and the treatment, a retrosigmoid crainiotomy — brain surgery, if you will — resulted in hearing loss and balance issues that I still deal with, and always will. I’m not complaining, it could have been way worse.)

Except that this time was in the midst of a pandemic. I expected many things might be different, and they were. From the light-but-speedy traffic from Bellingham to Seattle that cut at least 30 minutes from our commute each way, to the pre-screened/social distanced/face mask required check in and limited seating in each waiting room, it was comfortable and low on stress.

I thought they would test us for COVD-19 (they didn’t) or that maybe they would take our temperature (nope.) As it turned out I didn’t have to wear my mask while getting the MRI because mine had a little piece of wire in it, and the techs were fine with me taking it off, and we were ready a good 30 minutes before I went into the meeting with Dr. Wonderful and his ARNP.

I’ll make this short and sweet. The residual tumor is stable, and has been since 2010. Dr. Farrohki says I am good to go.

Good. To. Go.

Unless something changes, I NEVER have to have another MRI.


As much as my experience with Seattle’s Virginia Mason Hospital facility and its staff was amazing and wonderful, I hope I never have to step foot into that place again as a patient.

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