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Gail Brand
Reading, “A Whole New Normal” by local (Bellingham) author, Marla Bronstein. In the beginning, there was a tumor…scary times, many ‘what if’ moments, good friends, a formidable foe…and a happy ending.
Marla is one of the MOST amazing women I have ever known. She has the energy of ten people, is HIGHLY intelligent, and understands relationships on a cellular level–her book is like listening to her talk–If you don’t know what an acoustical neuroma is, buy this book and fall in love with my friend. The Universe has blown us a kiss.

Matt Crigger
Just read your book. Well done, many similarities to my journey. Glad you are doing so well. I will share with others. Thank you.

Adrienne Asbury
Congratulations Marla. Well done! You caught me off guard when I read my name the first time! I hope this brings comfort to future AN’ers looking for a happy ending. I take issue with Pg 14 “they were both deaf in one ear”. Maybe in version 2 you could correct it. (LOL-I’m kidding). I am one of the lucky few that kept some hearing! So many things in your book I can relate to, and it brought it all back. The worries and fears, and making tough decisions. I don’t envy those pre-treatment. It’s SO hard and stressful not knowing what your outcome will be! Very happy for you, and for both of our happy endings.

Paula Liddiard

I just wanted say “thank you” for the book you wrote. I just finished reading it yesterday and it has brought me much comfort to read your story.  If it’s alright with you, I’d like to suggest to The House Clinic that they refer patients to your book.

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