Nailed It

One of the things that I am so glad that I did while I was in Denver was taking Zoe and Maddy to get our nails done. I remember my mom used to that with me and my sisters, and the last time we all did that together was after Nina was killed, and just before Jodi’s wedding, right before my 29th birthday.

So Zoe, Maddy and I got our nails dipped. I agreed to that because since Covid, my nails have been able to grow super long.

Probably because they’re not breaking because I’m not picking up barbells at the gym three times a week.

I digress. We got our nails done on April 9, and now it’s weeks ago, and my nails are obviously growing, and I didn’t know what I was supposed to do with them. How long can/should I keep them on? Do I spend $ to maintain them? Do they get backfilled like my previous acrylics?

The finished products

Or should I take them off, giving my real nails a chance to recover, knowing that breakage for the next few months is a sure thing?

I thought about calling Maddy, but I didn’t want her to know how un-cool I am, that I didn’t know what dipped nails were, or how to take care of them.

I’ve had acrylics, I’ve had French Tips, I’ve had Gel. I’m not a heathen.

But this was a first. 

So, I did my research and thankfully found this article

It answered all of my questions, and let me know which questions I forgot to ask.

It would be comforting to me to know for sure that my tech sent me wash my hands BEFORE he started sticking my finger into that jar. (I honestly don’t remember, but I forget things pretty regularly. ) I will be more careful about sticking my finger into a jar that CLEARLY others have done.

Anyway, I’ll be trying the rice removal soon!!

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