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National Poetry Day and Acoustic Neuroma Warriors

Today is National Poetry Day. I only know because #nationalpoetryday showed up on my newsfeed. I opened Google, no doodle? WTF Google? Anyway, one of my fellow AN Warriors posted this yesterday. I got permission to re-post, not publish. Not sure on FB if there is a difference, the internet is forever. Thank you Donna.


The serious one.

“It’s fine,
it,s benign,
don’t worry.” they said.
“For years,
hidden deep,
inside of your head.”
“Don’t panic!”
“We’ll just wait and see.”
So easy….
for them.
Not so for me.
A time-bomb,
just ticking,
no warning, no clue.
A wolf,
as mutton,
pure badness right through.
“GO AWAY!!!”
“GET OUT!!!”
“How DARE you lay claim?”
I’m me,
not you.
You have no name.
You stole
a sense so dear.
Now halved,
the sound
of all I hear.
I’ll win!
Just wait…..
It may take time.
My brain,
not yours.
I’ll take what’s mine!

–Donna Walton (c)

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