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This is the memoir of a self avowed strong woman, with a “be everything to everyone” stance, traveling into a place of becoming comfortable as a “mere mortal.” She takes us along on her journey toward being able to express fear and vulnerability, toward asking others for help, and toward learning the importance of setting boundaries.

It is my belief that when “bad” things happen to us, we can use that stuff as life enriching fertilizer. Marla Bronstein’s story is a powerful illustration of this idea. In addition, her book is a good, enjoyable read, sprinkled with lots of wisdom, humor, and inspiration.

I strongly recommend this book  to anyone taking  the acoustic neuroma journey. In addition to the examples of  emotional growth, it  provides much practical information for various stages of the journey.

Kate Boswell MFT

Presenter on “Coping and Beyond with the Emotional Impact of Acoustic Neuroma” at the 21st Acoustic Neuroma Symposium (Los Angeles 2013)

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