8 Years

Do you remember exactly where you were 24 hours ago? A week? A month? A year? 8 years?

Let’s say it was the day you got married. Or had a baby. Or your baby got married. Or had a baby. Or someone you loved very much died.

It’s easier to remember when it’s an anniversary.

Lifecycle celebrations and anniversaries are like that. But for most of us, only parts of the days and memorable, not all the details of what you did every moment.

8 years ago from the day I wrote this (February 10) I was at Virginia Mason Hospital and Norman was getting his eviction notice. All day. And since I was pretty unconscious, I have pretty much no memory of the day. But it’s an anniversary nevertheless.

Every ANniversary (see how I did that?) I am very aware of the day. “By this time, I was doing that. By this time, they were doing that. By this time, I was in recovery…”

It’s been a pretty easy ride for me. Over the years, some stories are better, better recovery, hearing preserved, balance restored….Others not so much. I am grateful everyday.

Working on balance (thank you FitnessEvolution and CorePhysio.)

Still deaf in one ear (my left, in case you are keeping track) and recently learned that my ability to hear certain decibel levels in my right ear has improved.

And my sensitivity to loud noises is extremely protective of my “good” ear.

Nevertheless, I know at some point, I may be one of those people who loses functional hearing. I’ve been trying to recover my receptive signing “skills.” I write it that was because I’m not sure if they were ever good. In a crowded, noisy place, I am lost. And what’s the point of being able to sign (or at least finger spell) if I can’t understand it from someone else?

So, for the third time (third time’s a charm, right?) I’m returning to studying ASL and trying to incorporate it into my life. I’ll do this on the cheap, and grab free tutorials off the internet. If I can search for anything DIY on YouTube, why not??

It would make things SO MUCH EASIER for me, (and it’s all about me, right?) if more people knew sign language. In my dream world……
If at parties, in crowded rooms meetings. the person trying to tell me a story or ask a question could sign a little bit. IT’S SO HARD TO HEAR ACROSS A LONG TABLE.

But OMG you can communicate THROUGH GLASS with ASL.

There are a few YouTube channels that teach ASL vocabulary, (Bill Vicars, Ashley Clark Fry, ASL That) and I’m now subscribed to them all, and finding new ones every day.

I’ll let you know how it’s going.

My favorite new-to-me sign is “Flattery.” Look it up.



So today, I share with you a few links to some beginner lessons.


Super beginner




Valentine’s Day

ASL grammar lesson

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