“Doctor, Doctor, Give me the news…”

Dr. Superman came through…well…his office called today anyway and said he liked the book and would be happy to write a sentence or two in support for the back cover.


This is all so real!!

And all this, with an updated printing of the book being worked on this week…fixing a few typos, formatting issues and overall enlarging the font a bit, making it  a tad easier for those of us with brain tumors to read. I can’t help it, I want it to be perfect.

All will be completed in time for October 9 at 7pm. when Village Books here in Bellingham has agreed to allow me to have a reading and signing event!!  I’ll post more info here (and everywhere) when it gets closer, but save the date!


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  1. PATTY R

    Yes!!! Saving the date for sure!!! Love love love everything about this!!! And of course I love YOU! xoxo

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